One Soul so many faces

In the beginning, is the void, A vacuum in a black hole. But even to sense that, there is a sentience, a witness. With such knowing, Has arisen a knower, And thus ‘I Am’. To assert that, I exist, I take a form and I have a Me. I see and I do, I grow and create, Me, others, the world. Now, I exist and so does a world, My world has others I take different forms, to engage with them. I travel in time and wear various faces For different continuums. I revel in the faces and forms, friends and kinships, fortunes and fumbles, breaks and longings. After all, they are the reflections, and assertions of my existence. All through the myriads Of times, sights and faces, The silent witnessing is on, Pristine, Serene, Unwavered.

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