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ConsciousLeap seeks to trigger self-awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies to enable greater fulfilment in life. The platform offers self-development tools through a dynamic multimedia approach which includes art forms, literature, interactive workshops, video games, e-courses and applications. Check out our products below.
Student Programs

Get Future-Ready with ConsciousLeap’s Success Skills Launchpad Program

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ConsciousLeap’s UniGrad Life Success Coaching : Your Elevator to Success

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MYH Workshop

Take your first big step towards success with ConsciousLeap's Make YOU Happen Workshop.

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Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands (JBOSS) is a captivating story of jasmine and her journey of pursuing her dreams and manifesting them. And while she does so, in parallel, you can take up your journey to make your dreams a reality, enhanced by our one-of-a-kind microlearning experiences.

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"With micro-learning lessons for readers, this is a self-help book like no other. Readers can get on a parallel journey along with Jasmine to overcome challenges in their life and emerge successful." - Janaki



Sign up for the Positivity Sustenance Micro Boosters for FREE. Invest 10 minutes every day for 10 days. Find an endless source of positivity within you.

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Social Media Distancing

Are we seldom preoccupied with our lives online, therefore unable to attain fulfilment in our lives offline? This Free course on Social Media Distancing can help!

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Decoding Failure

Unlock your journey to success by taking the first step to Decode Failure

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ConsciousBeat is the universe for all ConsciousContent uncovering human stories of motivation, passion, focus, well -being and overcoming challenges. It showcases the unseen grit and determination in stories of individuals - as they make their dreams happen in their everyday lives.

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