Why is now the best time to reimagine our future?

The disruption from the pandemic has impacted us in ways that could take years for us to fully comprehend. It has shaken the foundation of businesses and individuals alike and instilled volatility and instability towards planning a future. As old ways of doing things have broken under the pressure of a global crisis, we can mindfully turn to a new way of doing things.

With the economic cycle being disrupted, our liabilities could become our opportunity. As we shift from survival to adjustment, our next new normal is being shaped up right now. Our jobs and communities have changed. Goals and priorities have been questioned. These factors have forced us all to rethink and realize the consequences of our actions.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and similarly the collateral effects of the pandemic have presented the need to embrace change and innovation. There are two ways we can respond to this once in a lifetime event – by being hung up on the past and waiting to revisit the old normal or by aligning with the opportunities that the future presents and reimagining a new normal. Sounds all too familiar and exciting doesn’t it! Let’s see what this really means for us.

Moments of existential crisis coupled with an uncertain future also presented with itself moments of awakening that allowed us to dream and imagine new possibilities. This gave us the perspective to look beyond self-imposed boundaries of what was possible for our lives and allowed us to explore new horizons. While many have proactively used this crisis as an opportunity to reshape their future, here’s how you can reimagine your future by starting today.

  1. Reimagining work

Prior to the pandemic, conventional wisdom suggested that offices were critical to productivity however digital collaboration has solved this challenge seamlessly. While some organizations are now exploring a hybrid work model, productivity has been at the forefront of planning any such change. Now that we can distinguish between being busy and productive work, we can use this as an opportunity to work better, more efficiently and consciously yield better outcomes towards our goals.

  1. Reimagining wellness

While the pandemic has surely made us prioritize the need for healthcare, wellbeing and wellness are not left far behind. People are consciously adopting wellness activities as a part of their lifestyle and no longer something they would typically turn to as a break time activity. You can also read more about ConsciousLeap’s wellbeing programs (hyperlinked) to proactively lay the foundation of planned wellbeing in your everyday life.

  1. Reimagining personal growth

With our work being in the fast lane, coping with the changes of the pandemic have led our personal life and its growth to a stunted state. This has brought the need to streamline personal growth across various parameters such as stress management, relationships with our peers, interpersonal relationships and friendships. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to rekindle long lost friendships and reconnect with people and ourselves better than ever before.

This is a time that will change what we want and need from our future. We can expect to witness a rising social conscience in work, increasing digitization, humanization of technology, a preference for minimalism and personalized experiences, more distributed businesses supported by agile ecosystems of global and local supply and demand, more flexibility at work and better leaders who look forward to engaging with this change. This is the beginning of a completely new and exciting future.

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