Dark times? Here’s how to activate your gift of faith

While touring the desert of Thalamus, Andrew knew he was dying of thirst and had lost his way. It was a hot day and the sands were glistening like gold. Desperately in search of water for over 2 days, Andrew’s search took him towards what would be a mirage with no sight of water. At the point of giving up hope, he noticed a small hut on the horizon and walked towards it with the little energy he had. To his disappointment, the hut was uninhabited but had a water pump rooted deep in the ground. He tried to make the pump work but it wouldn’t. Tired, he notices a small bottle of water with a note that said “Use this water to activate the pump”.

‘Can I trust what’s written in this paper? Why not I instead have the little water that’s in this bottle and not risk losing it!’… These are some thoughts that hounded Andrew as he confronted his moment of truth. He paused for a moment, closed his eyes and prayed for guidance. He then took the leap of faith and poured the water from the bottle into the pump to activate it. To his astonishment, the water pump gushed out a few bubbles but was well activated to pour a stream of clean water. As the water gushed abundantly out of the pump, so did Andrew’s faith in the greater good. Happily, he regrouped himself and left back a note with the water filled up for the next passer-by – ‘Have faith, it works.’

Ever experienced a turbulent time in your life that in hindsight unfolded in a perfect, restoring order that you couldn’t see at the time? If yes, then that moment of placing your trust in the abundant universe is about activating the gift of faith.

The events that occur in our lives are seldom random. If you reflect on some of these incidents from your life, you will realize that there are no coincidences, and that the universe is responding to you unconditionally. While these events are easier to decode in hindsight, here’s how you can activate the gift of faith through trying times:

  1. Believe in the greater good

By trusting your intuition and believing in your potential, you surrender the outcome of your circumstances to the greater good. It is important to believe in yourself first to be able to believe in the greater good. Understand that sometimes not getting what you want is not a rejection but a pivot.

  1. Practice acceptance 

Acknowledge the situation and accept what you cannot control. Work on the things that are within your control and release the need to affix on outcomes to the universe. Although acceptance can be a bitter pill to swallow sometimes, it’s the sure way to ground yourself and align with your greater good.

  1. Be compassionate

When faced with trying times, we tend to be harsh on ourselves and increasingly find ourselves feeling bitter or helpless. Show compassion towards yourself in such situations and be kind to the warrior in you who is showing up for your happiness everyday. With compassion, you will find yourself allowing for the good that’s yet to come.

The need to control the outcome of every situation can leave you feeling dry and disappointed. By activating the gift of faith, you allow the universe to reciprocate with 10x abundance for each step you take.

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