We are the world

‘It’s a wonderful thing to be able to create your own world whenever you want to.’ ‘ Woody Allen Isn’t it the most fantastic thing to know, that you can create the world around you? The world we live in is a by-product of successive creations by creators from days before history can trace, and it continues to evolve as you read this. Think of the world as a giant canvas, and each person’s life as a smidge or flick of paint, adding to the totality of its beauty through texture, shade and depth. Some of us may feel we don’t have an impact to the larger part of the world, but you, yourself are endowed with the ability to captain the ship of your life and determine how your smidge appears. And that is your purpose: to co-exist and co-create. The world today serves as a testimony to the efforts of others who’ve done this. The small speck that you cause is your entire world, and you are the master of it.

The scope of your creation isn’t limited to the confines of the material ? architecture, engineering, politics or art ? but also includes family, relationships, institutions and all other aspects of life, tangible and intangible. The quality of life that you lead is determined by you and your efforts. Worked really hard towards an exam and aced it? There you have it, that’s your reality. Find yourself in a happy marriage with wonderful kids and a dog, it’s because you’ve worked for it. You can do it because you simply can. On Shifting Sands Many times, it may feel like our situations and circumstances aren’t in our favor. One minute it’s all going smooth and the next minute’s a disruption that throws things off-balance.

The rhythm of the world is ever-evolving, and it reflects in the ups and downs that we experience. But do you give up in the face of opposition? Life will always throw testing curveballs your way, and these hurdles are nothing but natural in the larger scheme of things. However, at that moment, it may seem like the end of the world. Blaming the world and the workings of the Universe is the first instinctive reaction. We feel lost, defeated and absolutely down and out with no hope. That is the decisive moment: how do you choose to deal with things at this time? We often forget that no matter what’s going on, on the outside, we still have the power to create. If we decide to concede to our difficulties and give up, ‘no action’ is the action we take to create the world. On the contrary, learning from those difficulties and getting back up on our feet to start afresh is also the world we create ? this is action imbued with Focus and Will. It’s all about the choices we make. We still have the power create, and continue creating on these shifting sands. Nothing takes away that ability. The process of creating our world is an active pursuit. Let’s strengthen and forge an undying belief in ourselves to never stop creating. So go out there, and paint it with your most unique tints and shades. Take a conscious leap, make you happen.

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