The Make You Happen Pilot Workshop

It’s almost here: the Make You Happen Workshop! We’ve taken our manifesting framework a step further and have developed a structure to help people assimilate its core principles. Delivered to you in the form of ConsciousLeap’s third product i.e. a Workshop, we’ve envisioned a model that prompts participants to introspect and pave their own journey to manifesting their dreams. The pilot trial of the workshop was completed on the 11th and 12th of February, and a list of invite-only participants were privy to its germination.

The curious group of six dedicated their time to the experience with valuable feedback on our structure and its execution. We aim at providing an inspired learning experience through a multimedia approach, and so, included the use of videos, audio clips, interactive and competitive games, visuals and various other activities to present an experiential understanding to our participants. We were most excited about experimenting with a specially-designed workbook that they used to record their learnings. In our pursuit of setting people on their journey to make it happen, we have tried to develop a sound process of helping participants chart out a plan to convert their dreams into goals through self-reflection. And what about the hurdles and obstacles that came their way? Those are dealt with too! With the constructive criticism received in the beta phase coupled with our own observations, we are now working on implementing them towards our 2nd trial scheduled to take place in March.

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