How to Zen-tangle : Making the most of the meditative art

When art involves concentration and repetition, it becomes mindful. Meditative art is a form of art therapy that helps alleviate stress. It enables us to understand how concentration and flow in anything that we do is a method to build happiness. Art is essentially a form of catharsis and can be spiritual in nature. The focus developed through repetitive patterning helps divert our attention from things that pester us through the course of the day. It can also be considered as a way to vent fear, anger or stress through imaginative creation. Making you happen through Zentangle: One such mellowing art form is Zentangle. It is a calming, easy-to-do method through which people can create beautiful images through repetitive, structured patterns.

Learning to zentangle is not too hard. The form usually involves the use of simple polygons such as squares and hexagons, that are arranged to create illusory structures. Once the foundations and forms are mastered, it becomes a very fluid process that can be done on any piece of paper ‘ much like doodling. When ‘zentangling’, always make sure you have an idea of the shapes and forms you are trying to create. Try and draw them out before you start. The steps usually involve the gradual addition of single lines to create motifs in 4 stages. Once these are mastered, they just need to be repeated for the span for which the pattern is being used. Here are a few mindfully effective patterns for you to download and try your hand at. Sit back, take a deep breath and brace yourself to take the ConsciousLeap to Make You Happen!

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