The great reset for inner awakening in the post pandemic world

Remember the pre-pandemic world? The times from our old-normal where the hustle and bustle were at its peak and the world was moving at a collectively busier pace! What a time that was – where uncertainty meant figuring out ‘where do you see yourself 5 years from now’.

Switch to the Pandemic era and boom – everyone is taking it one day at a time. How did we get here? Where do we go next? Is this the new normal or is this a collective awakening?

The pandemic may have naturally brought with it a broad set of challenges – some more severe than others for most people. However, if we have to look back and learn from this event in hindsight, it can be regarded as an opportunity for a mindset reset. Covid reminded us of the two polarities of our life: order vs disorder. Before the pandemic, we presumed that our lives were set in order. It was our orderly comfort zone that instilled us with positivity and motivation to pursue our dreams.

When covid struck the world, nobody knew what they were in for. There was a collective disorder in everyone’s lives where collectively people lost jobs, they were out of relationships and were constantly reminded that life is uncertain. This was the biggest disorder after world wars and it enforced disorder and panic on everyone. History is proof that this collective disorder happens once in a while and disruptions are bound to happen.

It is said that such disruptions take place to give birth to spiritual awakening. Oftentimes, the orderly nature of our lives doesn’t allow us to realize any shift in perspective. Disorders, although disruptive, push us to think beyond ourselves and see our world view with a fresh perspective.

Such upheavals have shown to pave the way for innovation and transformation across businesses. These have been accompanied by events that have called for fresh attention to everyday matters, resulting in significant enhancements.

Indeed the pandemic can be looked at as a global wake-up call for individuals and businesses alike. It has not only made us conscious of the realities of our otherwise orderly life, but has also presented us the opportunity to create the unique future that we desire for ourselves through this collective awakening.

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