5 inspiring movies that give an inner wake up call

Even for fleeting moments, movies contain the magic to give wings to our fantasies. They allow us to dream our dreams and project our desires even if for a short amount of time. Through these moments we realize the ability to relate to a particular character or situation and respond to the stimulus being presented to us.

Movies offer an escape from the reality of monotony. Sometimes this can result in a shift of perception so stark, that it can result in that lift-off moment of new realizations and thinking. While it may be nice to teleport yourself to your favorite movie character or destination, here are 5 movies to seek inspiration from for your quest for spiritual awakening :

  1. Ankhon Dekhi

What happens when a middle-aged common man decides to believe only in what he sees? Winner of many accolades nationally and internationally, including best story, this movie is undoubtedly one of the best renditions of self awakening you can come across in the Hindi film industry.

  1. Veronika Decides to Die 

Adapted from Paulo Coelho’s best selling novel, the protagonist in the movie Veronica is a 20-something year old who suffers from suicidal tendencies due to not having found purpose in her life. In a fateful turn of events, she finds herself in a lavish mental asylum and further the meaning to her life from her moment of awakening.

  1. Avatar

This film is a wake-up call—reminding us of the dangers of greed, unconsciousness, disconnection, insensitivity and arrogance, both globally and personally. It’s also a bold call for each of us to reconnect with that which is most sacred to us, to focus on what truly matters and to remember how connected we are to each other, all living beings and the environment in which we live.

  1. The Truman Show

When that false life is given up, when what everybody else wants from you and of you is given up, then you walk into everything. You become everything. An insurance salesman discovers that his whole life has been a living lie. This movie has won many accolades and is still one of the most beautiful performances by Jim Carrey. This movie you definitely don’t want to miss!

  1. Into the Wild

Do you believe in Magic? The entire universe that surrounds us is full of magic; we just need to believe in it. Into the Wild shows us how Christopher finds a Magic Bus and how this bus adds spice to his journey. We all have a hidden Christopher inside us that we can channel to connect with this magical universe.

From time to time, motion pictures have proven to drift people away from their reality and oftentimes inspire positivity. The world of movies allows us to explore and experience the questions we subconsciously seek answers to. Share this with your friends and loved ones because ‘Awakening’ hasn’t yet been categorized on Netflix.

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