She gave up a stable corporate job to pursue her passion for travel and is among India’s top travel bloggers

From 15 years of marketing experience in the corporate world to being recognized as the most awarded Travel Blogger of 2018, my journey has been full of new experiences. It all started when I decided to take a trip to Ladakh with a group of fellow travelers I hadn’t known yet. I was geared up and set to leave when unfortunately the travel agency decided to cancel at the last moment. With a well planned trip itinerary in place, I decided to travel solo for the first time. As I penned down stories and shared my experiences upon my return, I received a lot of positive feedback.

I had no financial obligations at the time and the monotony of my corporate job was not making my heart sing, so I decided to take up travel blogging as a full time career. My blog @travelseewrite came to being with a purpose – to bring out untold stories from places that are remote and unheard of. The blog speaks of what it is like to live in an environment that has its own share of struggles. Primarily focused on stories of sustainability, climate change, women empowerment and giving a voice to the underprivileged, @travelseewrite aims to spread awareness and inspire change even if in the smallest way possible.

Travel blogging – as prevalent as it is today, doesn’t help keep oneself financially stable. So even though I’ve had my share of good and bad days, what keeps me going is my zeal to follow my passion. My love for traveling has helped me make valuable connections and has broadened my horizons into seeing all that the world has to offer. Being lauded as a successful travel blogger, influencer and a public speaker may have earned me several awards, but nothing can compare to the feeling of fulfilment that comes from inspiring positive change in the world you live.

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