Conscious tale of C. Sadaf

I have strongly lived by the belief that the inevitable highs and lows of everyday life are balanced by each other, so it wouldn’t be right to say that I have dealt with an extremely rough childhood. I experienced a series of unfortunate events that led me to undergo professional therapy during my time at university. My exposure to therapy left such a positive impact on my life that I ended up choosing psychology in my final year. A majority of my family’s educational background was in commerce, but I wasn’t inclined to follow this route.

I found my initial curiosity in writing and design but after a lot of contemplation, I ended up taking Humanities as that’s what I was most passionate about. With resilience and a lot of hard work, I’m proud of where I stand today as an established psychologist. I have managed to pursue my recreational interests while practicing counselling. During my practice, I started incorporating new and innovative methods of therapy like art, writing and music and saw the number of cases that it helped dramatically. For me, being a psychologist is much more than a profession. It is the ability to help people cope with their respective life stressors and address the emotions associated with what they go through.

There is nothing more gratifying than a person walking out of therapy having a renewed perspective about their situation from the time they walked in. I also work with a stress management center called Sukoon at the family court where I attend to victims of divorce, separation and child custody disputes. I strive to help them take a mindful approach towards making any decisions in such stressful situations. I’ve seen that a person showing up for a gym routine is appreciated for the efforts they put in for their physical well-being. The day we witness an equivalent support and appreciation from our society for a person who walks in for therapy, this world will become a better place to live in – where mental illness is no more a taboo.

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