Important life lessons you learn in college

What an exciting phase of our lives it is when we transition from the preplanned and structured habitat of primary schooling to the exploratory and dynamic landscape of college. There’s a profusion of emotions and uncertainty that begins to take over as we undergo this transition. Primarily stemming from an unknown landscape, college is a cherished and extremely important phase of every young adult’s life. While schooling enables you to adhere to rules and signs you up for a disciplined lifestyle, college allows you to tread your own path and explore what’s uniquely best for you.

College triggers the mindset of possibilities and provides for an opportunity of firsts! The choices you make through your college days are derived at an individualistic level and therefore your college experiences provide for some important life lessons. It is important to understand that we are actively making choices all the time and it is the choices we make that determine our experiences. Sometimes making the right choice or even knowing how to go about making personal decisions can be fairly difficult, but given the protective environment of primary schooling, college can enable you in striving for sound decision making.

Following are some of the important interjections through college that have a profound impact on your life:

1. Friendships When in high school, you pretty much grow up with your friends. You share an enclosed space of personal development and agility through which you evolve together and create a comfort zone, therefore offering you grounding. College life however, offers you a blank slate to pursue your individuality and connect with like minded people. It’s the time of your life when you connect with people basis of common interests and not because you simply attend the same institution or live in the same neighborhood.

2. Leadership Opportunities Leadership comprises the art of motivating, directing and enabling people to help them set a common vision and achieve institutional goals. It is imperative for a leader to provide direction, take charge and inspire action from their team. Personal accountability is vital to achieving leadership success as leadership begins with identifying and understanding personal values. College opens up avenues for exploring leadership opportunities through formal and informal leadership positions from extracurricular activities. It provides opportunities to achieve success through collaborating with friends and peers in the classroom therefore building confidence and a sense of responsibility. Not only does the contained leadership environment of college help you build your network, it also helps you sharpen your problem solving skills.

3. Relevant Coursework and Work Opportunities One of the most transformational shifts in education has been the increased desire to nurture the connection between learning and employability. With a plethora of formulated courses and co-op work opportunities being made available by colleges, you now have the option of tailoring your coursework basis of where your passion lies and exploring the employability and scope of your subjects through relevant work opportunities.

Through a myriad of interesting course work and career opportunities, the choices you make in college can now ensure professional enablement. While each person’s college experience may be uniquely different, it is important to account for the possible setbacks and unforeseen challenges one can face during their college life. Braving these setbacks and challenges and continuing to pursue the end goal of learning can be an excellent attitude enabler. The friendships you forge, the choices you make and the opportunities you pursue collectively help in shaping your personality and conditioning an attitude that can help you pursue your dreams in the years to come.

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