How does emotional pain affect your health?

There is power in your emotions – what we think of as emotions are truly a flow of energy in the body. These are typically experienced as sensations of contraction such as tension or anxiety, and sensations of expansion such as calmness and serendipity. The Latin derivative for the word emotion – emotere literally means energy in motion.

What is emotional pain?

The emotional brain is connected to every area of the brain whereas the analytical brain is not. As a result, the emotional brain has executive power over our mind and bodily functions. It influences our decision-making capabilities, thought processes, past experiences and present state of mind. Emotional pain resulting from chronic stress, trauma, frustration, resentment, rejection can limit everyday activities and make it difficult for you to fully engage with your surroundings.

Suppressed emotions from such triggers, unresolved past issues, and a lack of alignment with your present can contribute to continued pent up energy or emotional pain in the body.

Effects of emotional pain on your body

Emotional pain can be the result of triggers or unresolved past experiences. Everyone can experience these emotions from time to time, but when such emotions are intense and persistent, they can interfere with a person’s ability to function and perform normal daily activities.  If left untreated, it can result in long term physical consequences.

Some common types of physical pain that may be connected to emotional distress are hypertension, diarrhoea, headaches, muscle pain and stomach aches.

Resolving emotional pain

Our bodies can shut down due to emotional pain and before we know it, it could get us completely derailed from our path to success further adding to more emotional pain and an unhappy life. Before you get into this vicious cycle of pain, here are some effective ways to deal with emotional pain and not let it take control of your life:

  1. Look for a creative outlet 

Reconnect with your inner child and your natural state of happiness through creative expression. Creative expression can serve as a powerful tool for supporting the healing process and has potential benefits in enhancing health and wellness

  1. Exercise regularly 

Walking 3 times a week for 60 mins should set you on a good start for your exercise regime

  1. Practice yoga or meditation

Try emotional expansion techniques through yoga or meditation. Continue to include breathwork or breathing exercises as you go through your day

  1. Disconnect from things that bother you

This doesn’t mean you run away from your problems but simply learn to separate yourself from them

  1. Practice mindfulness and use your support system 

Realize the everyday blessings that surround you and be grateful for them. Reach out to your support system and keep them included in your developments. You could also seek professional help and counselling to resolve emotional stress.

While the virtual world may have several solutions to offer, in the real world only you can take charge of your emotional and physical wellbeing through consciousness. Remember, time elapsed by itself doesn’t heal emotional pain. You need to actively work on healing your past to truly resolve emotional stress.

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