He did not let polio get in the way of his passion for high jump, and has won several laurels for the same.

I do things I like. If I like a sport, I’ll play it. If I like to study something, I’ll study it. I was inclined towards sports because it was rightly inculcated within me by my school. I grew up with two things, my love for sports and being diagnosed with Polio at the age of two. However, high jump is my passion. It is something that I like to do and so there was no stopping me even if I was physically impaired. Yes, high jump does give me materialistic rewards in every form, but that’s not what makes me truly happy. What gives me inner peace is when the crowd applauds after I’ve performed well.

It’s about making the viewers feel the moment and enjoy the game as much I do. My education is nowhere related to my career. I have done my post-graduation in Political Science- International Relations and the path I am now is sports. This is because, I only do what I like and I don’t want to gain anything from it. I have all that I need. Just like every struggle story, my parents felt that I should do something more concrete, something that would be more rewarding in monetary terms but I ended up doing what I wanted to.

I knew I would only excel in what my true passion is, so doing something else was not an option for me. High jump was never a journey for me. A journey is when you have to reach the end point but I don’t know when this is going to end. I’m going to keep doing this until I don’t like it anymore. My life is unplanned and that is how I like it. Every morning I wake up and practice for a couple of hours. I play tennis and do many other things and it makes me immensely happy. At this point, after winning so many laurels, I still have a dozen more championships and tournaments to play at and I’m going to do so because I’m loving the life I’m living. This is just what I want everyone to know, that follow your passion and do what you love. You will shine bright like a star. Live the life you love, love the life you live.

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