Disentangling the carousal of Dreams

‘Enigmatic’ is usually the first word that pops in one’s head, when they enter the visionary world of artist Amanda Sage. Based in America, Amanda’s portraits and figure-works feature waves of intense colors and breathtaking creatives that could portray various emotions. One gets completely enchanted by her art as it helps the viewers immerse into the experience of losing oneself into multiple dimensions. Elements blended to perfection to narrate a cosmic story on a single canvas. Her work tends to create portals that leave the viewers open to the infinite possibilities of creative expositions. It almost spurs spiritual transformation fuelled by the boundless ways of perception, expression, and rediscovery on one’s own thoughts.

The egg has been a recurring symbol in most of her works. It represents a doorway to infinite possibilities. The woman’s captivating eyes almost makes it seem like shes in a state of trance. Space where her mind floats free, almost making it seem like she is in a state of boundless fulfillment. Moreover viewers can notice the use of subtle elements like blooming flowers, a germinating seed, tree with branches spread out. They seem to depict growth as one starts becoming aware of the limitless power of a conscious mind. MIND IS A CARNIVAL OF DREAMS This visionary art in particular almost challenges the viewer to question the meaning and dig deeper inside ones thoughts. Its narrating a story of the interconnectedness of the human mind and dreams.

Dreams are quintessential personal journals, a voyage into ones subconscious desires that give life a purpose. However, the human mind just so happens to be a dream factory. Its constantly in the process of constructing one dream after another. This often adds fuel to the process. The process of one getting lost in a combined pursuit of a diverse range of dreams. A process where one keeps wandering endlessly between unappeasable desires to achieve everything all together. Therefore, the dream continues to remain an unattainable desire of the subconscious mind. However, consciousness combined with the willingness to take the leap is the way one can attain realization and fulfillment of cherished dreams. Additionally, consciousness of ones mind brings in focus, followed by mindful efforts to think, grow and create, even beyond what one assumes is their immediate capacity. It gives a sense of liberation, fulfillment and articulation of the minds potential.

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