Why is self awareness important for wellbeing?

Self awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts or emotions, do or don’t align with your internal standards. Put simply, self-aware people can interpret their actions, feelings and thoughts objectively. It allows us to have better control over our thoughts and emotions.

Plenty of research suggests that self awareness is directly related to success and emotional intelligence. We feel more motivated, energized and productive when we know ourselves and our surroundings. It gives us the power to influence the outcome and make us better decision-makers. To some extent, it does help us to be free from bias and assumptions. This clears self-doubt, and a better understanding of reality and this will help us to make better decisions for ourselves.

When we are self-aware, there is a sense of calm in our aura. This calmness is important for wellbeing and success. Self-awareness also gives us a greater ability to regulate our emotions. By being genuinely self-aware, you can create achievable goals that go in line with what you can do, and then eventually achieve those goals. It essentially allows us to make positive behavioral changes. These can move us to higher personal success.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the importance of self-awareness and has identified it as one of the skills which connect to good health across all world cultures.

It’s this easy to realize that self-awareness is important in wellbeing as only through true self-knowledge and self-actualization can we start to lead better, healthier, and fulfilled lives that will make us happy.

ConsciousLeap’s Wellspire Program aims to inspire young people with conscious living which in turn helps them to be more self aware. It has been designed using elements of social emotional learning, Life skills, wellbeing and ConsciousLeap’s proprietary Make you Happen framework. Apart from Wellspire, there are many other programs, workshops and webinars that help us to become more self aware. You can access these free programs anytime anywhere.

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