Through personal trials and failures, she took on to faith to sustain her will

Things got tense when I started having persistent abdominal discomfort and abnormal bowel movements. It all started so suddenly. My students would make fun of me since I sometimes didn’t have control over my gastric problem. When I went to the doctor and got my colonoscopy done, I was told that I had stage 3 colon cancer and had to get operated at once.
Around the time, my husband and I had our first daughter Deepika, it didn’t take us long to learn that she was born different. We realized we had to work harder on our child compared to other parents as Deepika was born autistic.

I was a teacher in Atlanta Georgia, while my husband was an entrepreneur. With our busy lives and a special needs child to take care of, we would often get stretched thin – but we were somehow getting by.

My husband had a heart condition of his own and at the time all I could think of was who would take care of our daughter if something happened to me? I left my life at the mercy of Lord Krishna entirely.

In December 2014, I had my surgery done, and had to get back on my feet immediately since my husband’s condition was getting worse. Two months after my surgery my husband passed away from a heart attack. The loss was really painful and things became really hard for me; and that is when I decided to move back to India with my daughter. I came to Vrindavan in 2016 and found tranquility in spiritual devotion to Lord Krishna.
People usually cry and become angry but I chose to see this battle through irrespective of the outcome. I chose to persevere through the challenges for my daughter. All I would like to say to the current generation is that you are stronger than you think, the key is to never give up hope, have faith in God and rest will follow.

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