Thinking fast : How to tackle problems effectively in tough times

Success in today’s world warrants fast thinking as a vital lifeskill to unlock opportunities. However, as simple as the idea of thinking fast may seem, there are many factors that can get in the way, further slowing you down. A general lack of direction, fear of rejection, being afraid of failure and holding onto past experiences are some reasons that can hamper your ability to think fast and if not addressed, can leave you lagging behind. 

Thinking fast can make people feel happier, more creative, energetic and self confident. It allows people to embrace their imperfections and look for the bigger picture. Thinking fast also omits the possibility of overthinking further enabling you to take inspired action on your goals. Want to be a fast thinker? Here are some techniques to think faster, more efficiently and accurately:

  1. Make small decisions fast

Start incorporating fast thinking with smaller everyday decisions. Next time when you go to a restaurant, challenge yourself to order your meal within a minute. Since these are simpler everyday matters, you would not be as worried about the consequences. If you’re feeling up for a surprise, try flipping a coin between two choices for faster decision making. While you may be also hoping for one outcome more than the other, it will help you to decide what you really want. 

  1. Stop multitasking

The human brain can’t focus on two things at once as we tend to toggle back and forth between tasks. This can hamper your ability to think fast. Give one task complete undivided attention.

  1. Try doing things you are good at, faster

If you play sudoku, challenge yourself to do it faster. Set a timer to see how long it takes to complete simple chores like cleaning your desk or preparing a meal. Fast actions inspire fast thinking. 

  1. Take care of your wellbeing

Get plenty of sleep, meditate, stay cool to process fast thinking. When your mind is at rest, the thinking process is faster and accurate. Similarly, practice yoga, do aerobic exercise and other physical activities to keep your mind and body aligned.

  1. Be socially active

Engaging with people, face to face, rather than digitally will push you to be more spontaneous and make you think faster. Choose calling people over texting and meeting friends over dinner vs the lounge. 

  1. Do a mental workout for your brain

Studies show that brain training programs can help you think faster. There are many free apps and programs designed to help you do a mental workout. You can look up a few on the app store to get started. 

These simple techniques will help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Try the above mentioned techniques to think faster and enjoy the process while doing so. 

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