They gave up their well settled life in Australia to start over with a new venture in India

I’ve been a Physiotherapist for 14 years. Helping people with their aches and pains is my bread and butter. I did my Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Pune’s Sancheti Institute. Back then, people didn’t choose physiotherapy. It was assumed that if you couldn’t secure a seat for MBBS or dentistry, you practiced physiotherapy. But MBBS and dentistry were never my cup of tea. My love for physiotherapy started when I was a student, and it has never died. After working at Nanavati for 3 years, I decided to do my masters.


Studying overseas was never my plan but, India only had two colleges offering Masters in Sports Physiotherapy so I opted for a one year course in Sydney. I landed in Australia in February, met Jai in March, married him in September and then life happened. After my masters, I continued practice in Australia with one of the best Olympic sports physiotherapists; this is where I learnt the most. Still, I always had a yearning to return to India and start a practice here. This urge became stronger after my kids were born. I wanted them to grow up surrounded by family, like I had. It was difficult to wrap up a stable life, but I was firm. One day, we got a call about a potential project in Vashi.


Sadly, it got scrapped but we already had a business plan in place. With some research and a lot of fiscal and emotional support from our parents, Jai and I moved back to India in September 2017. It was unviable, but I’m a Taurean and hence, very resolute. I didn’t let anything stop me. We opened the doors of Continuum only 4 months after moving back. We had a financial setback of about ten years, but my incredibly supportive husband and I made it happen. I’m living my dream today. But I know there’s still a long way to go. My vision is for us to be pan-India and I’ve given myself five years for that. The best part is, I am back with family, in a country where my roots are. Though the journey is tough, I guess the Taurean in me isn’t asleep just yet.

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