The Power of Effort: Explained

The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the effort you apply.
– Denis Watley

If you would have come across 10 people who are dissatisfied in life, it is safe to assume that their effort is not even close to someone who is doing the same exact thing as they are doing except on a much higher level. The amount of effort you put in can determine your tomorrow.

It is impossible to succeed overnight without any efforts. With time, we have undervalued effort as a key fundamental to success. Successes and achievements are consistently glorified on social media. No one wants to mention their failure on social media. This vicious cycle of sharing successes and keeping struggles on the DL, has resulted in a shortcoming of what success truly entails, and the grind and hustle it takes to persist.

 However, effort remains to be one of the most important aspects of being successful. 

Efforts help us push ourselves beyond our limits, expanding our skills and capabilities. This leads to self exploration and discovery of new skills. 

“Success is never owned; it is only rented — and the rent is due every day.” This quote speaks volumes on the amount of effort and work that is required to be great and separate yourself from the pack of mediocrity. All successful people put in effort everyday, even when they don’t feel like it. Jeff Bezoz.

Many people will put in effort for a short time and when their effort does not immediately pay off or they become distracted by life, they stop putting in the daily effort needed to finish and succeed.  We all know the success and wealth Jeff Bezoz, Founder of Amazon enjoys. But very few people know about his efforts to build a massive online business. At the age of 30, Jeff Bezos quit his job at an investment bank in 1994 and moved to Seattle, Washington, to open a virtual bookstore. Working out of his garage with a handful of employees, Bezos began developing the software for the site, which he called It sold its first book in 1995. By 1198,1999 Jeff Bezoz started selling music CDs DVDs and other companies too started entering the internet market. As more companies battled for Internet dollars, Bezos saw the need to diversify, and by 2005 Amazon offered a vast array of products, including consumer electronics, apparel, and hardware. Amazon diversified even further in 2006 by introducing Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud-computing service that eventually became the largest such service in the world. 

Effort is beneficial in many other ways. When we put in effort, we learn. Whether the effort produces results or not, we can learn and adapt based on what we learn from our efforts. If our efforts lead us further away from our goal, then we need to change our strategy. If our effort brings us closer to our goal, we can double down with our effort.

The great NBA basketball player, Michael Jordan said that work ethic, (effort), eliminates fear. By putting in the effort, we know what we are capable of and do not need to be afraid.  Every new success that we reach through our efforts boosts our confidence in ourselves and our abilities.  Effort keeps us focused on success. As your effort brings your goal closer, your motivation and willpower increase as you can taste victory.

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