The 4 P’s of your success journey

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.
– Marie Forleo

The success journey is the process of working through every step to arrive at the next one, with each step motivating and inspiring you to move ahead. Everything, from plants to humans to businesses, starts out small at first. But if you take the effort to nourish and nurture your success journey, it just might grow into something great and powerful!

Many prominent authors’ most enduring successes took years and years to achieve. Nora Roberts is probably the most successful and popular romance novelist on the planet. Thirty-four of her titles are sold every minute and she earns an estimated $US60 million a year! But her success didn’t happen in 6 months, a year, or even three. She started writing back in the 1980s for Mills and Boon and then morphed into mainstream romance fiction—and other genres. Along with Roberts’ commitment to writing characters she can personally identify with, it is her work ethic and her prolific output that really defines her. She said, “Whatever I’m doing, I get very guilty if I don’t put a good day’s work in. I’m not one for making excuses. I had this upbringing where we were taught to finish what you start.” A prodigious work ethic, cultivated talent, commitment to seeing her work through alongwith over four different pen names and writing across a variety of genres are amongst the many things which have made her one of the world’s most successful authors.

 Like Nora, many believe that success is not the destination, but is about this journey that gives you more contentment. This journey does not have a clear path. When you encounter obstacles or failures in this journey, it can be difficult to overcome if the fundamentals are not in place.  The fundamentals of success lie in the 4 P’s of success i.e Passion, Persistence, Practice and Pattern recognition. Let us see how:


Passion is an absolutely important component to finding success in life for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that when you feel passionate about your present work and your goals, you will take the necessary intentional actions to make your goals a reality. Follow your passion and success will follow. 

Passion is a bit like the scenery on your road trip to success. Without it, the journey can seem to be tiresome and never ending. Passion will make the trip seem more bearable and even enjoyable. When you feel the passion in your life, you have a more positive outlook, higher energy, and greater confidence. 


Success is not the absence of failure: it’s the persistence through failure. Persistence is continuing to try, an effect that continues even after the cause has been removed or something that sticks around for a long time. Persistence gives you vital experience. When you’re persistent, you learn that each failure gives you another opportunity to learn. With each failure, you’ll become more resilient. You’ll also learn how you can overcome any challenges.


Mr Anders Ericsson, in a series of articles, popularized the concept that practice, not talent, is the main essential for success. Many studies show that highly successful individuals show intelligence alone is not a good predictor of success. Success is the consequence of practice and repetition. We all have a limited ability to focus on too many stimuli at the same time, and if we don’t process the information, we lose it. Practice helps us increase our ability to access information rapidly and automatically. Practice also frees our brains to process more challenging information and problems.

Pattern Recognition

Recognising patterns can help to foresee and also allow us to predict future events. The process of pattern recognition involves matching the information received with the information already stored in the brain. Pattern recognition comes with lots of passion and practice. Once you’re deeply involved in a process, you start to see things in a new light. You can find loopholes and shortcuts that will allow you to optimize your workflow and cut down on time. 

Let us know how this motivated you to crush your goals in the comments below. 

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