She embraced the importance of Yoga during pregnancy and has made her mark as a professional practitioner through her passion

Yoga to me is the anchor of my life. It is something that I hold onto, something that adds balance and control to my life effectively. However, when I was young, I did not understand the importance of yoga. It was a part of my routine and I did it because everyone was doing it. Little did I know then, that yoga could help one change their lives positively and make them feel healthier. Today yoga is more than just an exercise for me. It was when I stepped into motherhood that I realized the true importance of yoga.

Pregnancy changes a lot of things in a woman’s life and it changed for me too. I came across several physical, emotional and hormonal changes and struggled with them. I was facing difficulty in balancing my life. I expressed my feelings to my husband and we came to the conclusion that I need to re-start yoga to balance my life. I followed my heart and joined the teachers training program with the Yoga Institute of Mumbai. When I began, I thought it’s only going to be about learning some asanas but it was more. My mind was filled with positivity and I was able to manage things better. At times I felt my decision was wrong because I had to leave my child at home with my family and go for the classes. However, yoga was helping me grow and I was emotionally connected to it. I then decided to take the next step, to train in an intense form of yoga called ‘Ashtanga Vinyasa’ where I took my 2-year-old daughter along with me.

There were several moments that made me want to quit the training. However, the bible for yoga named ‘Yoga Sutra’ inspired me. On its very first page is a quote that says ‘here it begins, this is your moment so don’t stop.’ No matter how tough it seemed, this quote kept me going and my passion for completing the training helped me achieve success. My journey hasn’t been easy from a practitioner to a yoga teacher. However, my perseverance paid off. I’m grateful to all my teachers from the Yoga Institute, who taught me to never give up. I truly believe in the power of yoga, which has helped me achieve peace of mind, positivity and well-balanced life.

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