Responsible to lead a school passed down the generations – Mrs Khanna’s inspiring journey on 50 years of the Springdale School.

Growing up, I was always inclined towards teaching. I would often teach my siblings and other children but never had I imagined that I would somehow end up starting a school of my own. Springdale School, Lucknow began in two rooms with 5 children. With some help from their savings and the will to make a difference, my parents started this school in 1970. Established as a work of charity and aimed at providing education to the underprivileged, the institution soon began to flourish imparting education to a larger number of students.

Being married to an army officer, I had to travel extensively which prevented me from having a stable job. So I decided to focus and give my undivided attention towards my children’s upbringing. As the years passed by, my parents grew older and needed someone to take charge of the school. After my husband retired, we both decided to carry forward the journey of Springdale School. However, giventhe advancement in digitization, it was difficult to keep up and learn new technologies for appending new tools to provide the best possible experience for our students. Today, students of Springdale do not feel left out and are confident enough to compete with today’s society. This success would not have been possible without our supportive teaching staff. As the principal of Springdale, I believe that education is beyond chalk and talk.

What education must imbibe, is the ability to apply knowledge gained from books towards social values in the real world. This would in turn, aide the child in giving back to society and that is what I believe in. With the undying support of my family and teaching staff, our school is going to complete 50 years at the end of this academic year. I extend my utmost gratitude to my parents for believing in my ability of carrying forward the legacy and bringing about a change in the society with not one, but three schools at present. With utmost passion and unwavering conviction to make a difference, I consider myself fortunate to be able to inspire and be a part of this wonderful journey.

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