Passionate about freeing young minds through education, he moved back to his homeland and adopted four schools

After graduating from IIM Bangalore, I moved abroad for my Ph.D. and spent the next 3 years working. My passion to create an impact in the field of education brought me back to my homeland. Growing up, I had my share of concerns about the magnitude of issues surrounding our country. As the future of our nation, we need to undertake the responsibility of making a difference by addressing the issues that surround us, especially when it comes to our country’s education system. The problem of ineffective teaching methods remains unidentified and unchanged till date.

My understanding of such problems surfacing the country’s education system drove me into doing my bit. Over the past 3 decades, I have been consciously doing my part in freeing young minds through education. My current contribution comes as a visiting faculty member at IIM Udaipur, IIM Nagpur, IIM Raipur and a few universities abroad. I help students in getting them ready for their corporate careers bydelivering training programs to multinational IT firms in India. Teaching and education have always been my passion and I wanted to learn and give more than I presently was. So on January 2018, I began crowd-sourcing funds from friends, students, and trusts and ended up adopting 4 schools in Manipal.

The planning of the curriculum for this school required an unwavering commitment and we managed to build a solid foundation for engaging our students into practical learning by focusing on environmental and sustainable development. A large classroom is now set up for the children, which also serves as a dining hall during their lunchtime. My objective is to educate these students in different languages, primarily English, Hindi and Kannada. An upliftment of the public education system by adopting a few more schools is what I aim for in the future. I truly believe that slowly and collectively, we can all do our bit in bringing about a change for the future of our country. Inspiring young minds by bringing a change through education is probably the best way to leave a strong and positive impact on our country.

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