Living in the given world

If the Reality we experience is a Reality of Shared Consciousness; why do we take this to be the Given and try to ‘Fit In’? Since Childhood, I was taught that the World is a Given; One Fits In. When I fit into the family, I received Love When I fit in with friends, I received Companionship When I fit into the school, I received Recognition. Everyone said, I was ‘Doing Well’. Actually, I was fulfilling my Dream, and they were Manifesting theirs’. As I grew older, my Dreams became multifold, I found myself not fitting in’ Most people would take the co-created Reality as a Given; they would consider what ‘suited’ their Reality and how best can they Fit In. They would let go of their Dreams. It was pragmatic to consider Dreams as just dreams. I was also expected to Fit into the world, already made by others. But I am not a person who is happy leading a life fitting into someone else’s Dream. I wanted to make my world; I wanted to pursue my Dreams’just like my idols.

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