How to live in alignment with your core values?

 “The mission of the righteous person is not merely to live a good life, but to make life better for others” is a central tenet of the Zoroastrian religion, and Ratan Tata’s life is an embodiment of living this tenet with honesty and integrity every step of the way.

Tata Group witnessed exponential growth and received global acclaim under the leadership of Ratan Tata. Integrity, Unity, and Responsibility are some of the Tata Group’s core values, and Ratan Tata exemplifies these values and remains an inspiration to individuals across generations.

Why is aligning with core values so important? Your values guide your decisions and set the tone for how you live your life. Core values are fundamental beliefs of a person. One should always align their dreams and goals with their core values. Those who do not live by their values too often feel dissatisfied with what they have achieved, as well as their performance along the way. However, following your values ensures that you move ahead with certainty and integrity.

Here’s how you can align your core values and live a fulfilling life:

  1. Identify your core values. Write them down and keep on analysing them so you know you have identified them after completing the analysis.
  1. Identify when your values are out of alignment. Write them down. Usually, this happens when you face an unexpected challenge. 
  1. Recommit to your values. Start by thinking about how you want to feel when you’re really living your values. Is it more joyful? Balanced? Healthy? Empowered? This is important because it gives our brain a goal to work toward. 
  1. Create a core values action plan. Start with your intention: what do you want more of in your life? What will you do to stay in alignment with your values? From there, think about one action you can do for each of your values that will help you live each value more fully. It can be as simple or as dynamic as you want!

When your core values are aligned, you are maximizing your ability to be engaged, productive and highly effective, thus realizing more moments of joy and happiness, resulting in more contentment and aligning to your life’s legacy.

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