He suffered from ADHD in his childhood but was successful in following his passion to serve the country and join the army.

I suffered from ADHD. My mother helped me channelize my hyperactivity productively. I was merely 3 years old when I began playing tabla and joined skating. For 8 consecutive years, I was placed first in various tabla competitions and won several awards for tabla and skating. I also performed as a junior artist at the age of 7 in AIR Akashwani. However, my mother didn’t survive long to celebrate my success. I lost her at the age of 16. When I was in Mayo College, Ajmer, I filled an enrolment form for the National Defence Academy.

Within two months from filling the form and awaiting the results, I was expected to join the family business but that is not what I wanted to do. I had decided that I want to join the army and hence, I followed my passion for serving my country. From serving in different locations in the army, today I’m posted as an instructor and I assist in the trials of any new equipment. I believe that I would truly fulfil my purpose when I have successfully encountered terrorists and have survived the harsh climatic conditions of a glacier. Facing several struggles, the toughest time I faced was in 2013. I suffered multiple ligament tear during football tournament. Fearing relegation, I signed an unwilling certificate for the surgery. With a completely ruptured knee, I performed the rigorous tasks required to complete my last year of training including a 65kms run across the mountain ridges at the Indian Military Academy.

After commissioning, I underwent a knee surgery and the post-operation period was quite depressing because I was bedridden. I feared that I will never be able to play sports and serve the uniform to the best of my abilities. But I stayed strong and did not give up. With physiotherapy and taking complete care of myself, I was back running on my feet within 4 months. Apart from being army personnel, I am a district level football player and a national level badminton player as well. I am also an avid traveller. I have realised that only when you are ready to face hurdles, success comes to you. This wouldn’t be possible without my mentors. I hope that my mom is proud of me wherever she is.

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