An instrumentation engineer who took up content creation for Youtube and discovered his passion for building a digital community

I graduated in Instrumentation Engineering and changed 9 jobs before taking up content creation for YouTube. Famously known through his YouTube channel @beyounick – Nick and I hit it off almost instantly after we met at the gym, soon after which we decided to create videos on Youtube. Acting and videography were something I never considered my passion but I chose to give it a shot and to my surprise, it changed the course of my life. After completing my undergrad, I was offered the position of a procurement officer in Dubai.

The assurance of a promising future and parental pressure is what pushed me into taking up this job at the time. Just before leaving for Dubai, Nick and I decided to create a video titled ‘BroCode’ which surprisingly went viral within a week. I was unaware of the magnitude the virality this video could create, until people started recognizing me as ‘The Guy’ from BroCode. Emotionally withdrawn from the monotony of my 9-5 job, I took this as an opportunity to kick-start my YouTube journey with Nick. After my return to India, we began conceptualizing several other videos that happened to garner immense popularity. However, the one that changed the course of our careers was ‘Mauka Mauka for IPL’ which is when we started bagging major brand endorsements. Despite my initial disinterest in acting, I had come to a realization that I’d finally found something I liked doing.

I was truly passionate about writing music and rap, and so I decided to start my page with the hashtag ‘alamothashana’. With rap being widelypursued among the masses lately, I decided to create this platform to give voice to people equally passionate about rap music. Being famous came as a veritable boon for me, helping me create an outlet for like minded people to find their passion and share it with the world at large. The domain I have chosen may not provide me with an extremely lavish lifestyle but I am doing something that I love to do, and that’s what truly matters.

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