5 ways to embrace your inner light

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~Hafiz of Shiraz

At some point in our lives, especially when we go through dark times, we feel that we are tragically flawed and inevitably doomed. Our momentary intention is to escape or run as far away from the old life as possible and somehow exchange our old life in return for a shiny new one. However, these dark times have the strength to change our lives for the better. Even when life seems impossible, the brilliant inner light is enough to see yourself through your own darkest nights. This inner light brings in positivity which can help you succeed in your life.

While positivity may sometimes seem like a long shot, its significance on your wellbeing cannot be ignored. Research in positive psychology strongly suggests that people who are happy are more successful. Positivity is related to higher levels of work performance, increased productivity and better life satisfaction. Positive people also perform better because they are more motivated and more effective.

So If you have been looking for ways to embrace inner light in your life, here are 5 ways:

  1. Gratitude

It’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. A brilliant research study published in Psychotherapy Research found individuals who were experiencing mental health difficulties who underwent psychotherapy and wrote a gratitude letter, had significantly better mental health after four weeks than those who only underwent psychotherapy.

So, to kick off 2022, make a note of three things you appreciate. Whether it’s past, present or future, note anything down and say it to yourself. Start with doing this twice a week, then increase it every couple of weeks.

  1. Rest, rejuvenate and recover

In dark times, attention is fragile, relationships are edgy and minds are constantly battered. Take a break from your routine and try doing something meaningful that you always wanted to do. Read books, get enough sleep, keep your phone away and see how these things help to put your mind at ease. Zoom out and use reflection techniques to align yourself with the greater purpose.

  1. Seek positives over negatives

None of us were made perfect or designed to live a perfect life. The idea of “perfect” can often put us in a critical position to constantly look out for what’s not working over what is. Choosing to look for the positives in any situation and expressing gratitude will help you channel your focus towards manifesting more positive occurrences and events in your life.

  1. Help others 

There’s nothing more doable yet powerful than a simple act of kindness. Being in the mindset of giving can instantly uplift your energy and empower you to put goodness before your problems, even if so momentarily. Helping others can also give you clarity about your own problems while also helping you feel positive.

  1. Set short term goals

A negative frame of mind can naturally affect the way we process situations and our capability to handle them. It is common to feel overwhelmed with emotions even when approaching everyday tasks. Setting short term goals or smaller tasks can help you overcome these blues through positive reinforcement no matter how small an accomplishment. Prioritize the people, events and activities that are most important for your immediate happiness. Eliminate the things that have served as mere distractions and not adhering to your greater good. Be proactive on choosing at least one activity that makes you feel good everyday and try to include that as a part of your lifestyle.

Positive people are physically healthier, feel more connected to their surroundings and are generally more confident. Through positive emotions you can be more hopeful, energetic and resilient – making yourself a powerhouse of good energy in the face of persevering setbacks.

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