4 movies to watch to Make You Happen

Running a little low on motivation? Stuck in a rut? Got the New Year’s blues? Bring in 2018 with all the inspiration you need to actualize your dreams, and Make You Happen! We’ve made a list of 5 movies across 3 decades that can spur you on. Goes to say that you can seek inspiration anywhere, and anytime, so long as you’re looking for it:

October Sky (1999): We LOVE movies based on true stories, and October Sky stands proud on that list. Based on the life of Homer Hickam Jr ‘ the son of a coal miner who went on to become a NASA engineer ? the movie follows his journey of pursuing rocketry despite being told otherwise by everyone, especially his father. The plot navigates through a tense father-son dynamic, and the sheer persistence, passion and curiosity that drives young Homer to fulfil his dream. The movie teaches you to believe in yourself no matter what, and to never settle for something you don’t have your heart set on.

Billy Elliot (2000): A touching movie that breaks through the confines of gender norms, Billy Elliot is the story of a young boy who refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. While his father and brother want him to pursue boxing (typically viewed as masculine), his persistence, dedication and passion make for a touching and powerful declaration of following your dream no matter who or what may come in the way.

Ratatouille (2007): No matter how big a dream, there’s no stopping anyone with an undying passion. Remy, an ambitious rodent (who truly lives a rat’s life), finds himself presented with the opportunity to fulfil his dream of cooking when he forms an unusual alliance with a budding chef, Linguini. Together, they defy odds to create culinary delights that take everyone by inexplicable surprise.

Soul Surfer (2011): Here’s another favourite based on the real life of teenage surfer, Bethany Hamilton. Having lost her arm in a horrific shark attack, Soul Surfer is a story of victory and triumph of a girl who doesn’t give up on her passion, despite the accident. The movie serves as a perfect reminder to follow through with your pursuit, no matter what the obstacle. It is an example of the grit and determination needed on the journey to success.

La La land (2016) La La Land was the perfect example of the conflicts and inevitable hardships that one might encounter on the path of pursuing dreams. The dynamic duo ‘ Ryan Gosling as Sebastian, and Emma Stone as Mia ‘ stole many hearts, and bagged the Oscars with their proven chemistry. It leaves the viewer with the assurance that the choices one has to make may not be the easiest, but time will strengthen you to deal with those difficulties and will always yield the best? as seen in Sebastian’s fruition of his Jazz club, and Mia’s success as an actor.

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