2016 @ ConsciousLeap

I am very happy with my ConsciousLeap team of Ameena, Mahek and Siddhi who have become champions of the vision and missions we undertake, not unlike Charlie’s Angels, if I may hail ! We published Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands in July this year on Amazon.com. I’m delighted with the reviews it has already garnered, and look forward to its release worldwide in 2017. We are set out to make Jasmine famous. We also became proud creators of a graphic version of Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands ‘ The Graphic Novel, and saw it stand proud at the Mumbai Comic-Con. It was an absolute dream come true for my team, especially our young illustrator, Siddhi. We launched our beautifully designed website and blog, and have made significant strides in publishing posts. We’ve become a regular contributor to the eminent Thrive Global , on Medium, and with the e-zine Mystic Living Today.

We have dabbled with social media, and are looking forward to making it and the blogs, the central medium to reachout. To top the pie of 2016, is the launch of our Make you Happen workshop. With a contemporary and fluid design, it is now in its final stages of production and customer engagement. Come 2017, we are gearing towards the launch of our Mobile App and Videogame! Our design is wonderfully user-centred, and we are eager to see them in the hands of our ambitious dreamers. Dreaming passionately, to touch many lives in 2017.

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