With ConsciousLeap’s UniGrad Life Success Coaching, students address their most persistent and pertinent needs and concerns. Whether it is dealing with the pressures of exam preparation, or the challenges of making career decisions, the coaching program offerings will empower students to achieve specific goals and objectives, in a manner that is tailored to their unique reality.


Exam Power Skills

This coaching program trains and guides students to ace exams with a self-empowered approach and in-depth preparation. By setting achievable goals and meticulous study-planning, the students are equipped to succeed each time, supported by a methodology that helps them self-empower through self-awareness, and de-stressing techniques, resulting in effective pre-exam anxiety management, as well


  • Beat exam anxiety & top up mental well-being of your students
  • Build skills that help develop a winning attitude and achieve high grades These include concentration, time management, stress management, and planning studies
  • Identify and overcome challenges that come in the way of exam preparation
  • Learn proven techniques to prepare for difficult subjects with ease

iDream Career Program

With this program, students build a life of their dreams by marrying skill and aptitude with their Dream career goals. This master blend of personal dreams and scientific methodology-based aptitudes is an unparalleled coaching program, brought to you by ConsciousLeap. Students will be able to compare their skills to the ones required by their dream careers, to make a realistic call about how they want to move ahead in life.


  • Discover your most cherished dream & career
  • Scientifically-backed testing that helps discover aptitude and career fitment
  • Mapping career success and dream fulfillment
  • Give directions to dreams & careers
  • Educated and conscious directions to dreams & careers

Coaching Benefits

A personalised approach to creating a method to address the most demanding student issues

Guidance to overcome challenges through the specific objectives in each program

Empowerment to become confident and committed in responding to the life questions they face

About Our Coaches

ConsciousLeap’s pool of certified coaches are well-trained in the Make You Happen Framework, so as to provide personalised solutions for individual challenges. The coaches are committed to the student-centric approach, and function with the highest ethical standards that preserve and maintain privacy and confidentiality.

What Students Are Saying

"This program has changed my perspective on life in a positive way. Absolutely loved it"

- Aryan Singh, Delhi

"Coaching with ConsciousLeap gave me clarity that I was looking for years. Highly recommend it"

- Sonal Bhatia, Lucknow

"Powerful insights for charting out a success plan explained in such an intuitive way. Loved it"

- Savio D’souza, Mumbai

Email us at makeyouhappen@consciousleap.life or call on + 91 7710070845 to know more or to conduct UniGrad Life Success Coaching at your Institution.