Human Potential

ConsciousLeap seeks to trigger self awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies to enable greater fulfilment in life.

Unlocking Wellbeing

ConsciousLeap’s wellbeing programs aim to strengthen the foundations of wellbeing for young minds so that they can achieve success in their career, academics and life. Through preventive mental wellbeing, young minds can take charge of their overall happiness and personal development.

Unlocking Success

Our propriety, Make You Happen (MYH) framework’s unique integration of life skills with wellbeing is designed to help individuals relate to success and wellbeing, commit to it, and sustain the motivation through their journey.

Unlocking Empowerment

ConsciousLeap’s pool of certified coaches provide personalised solutions for individual challenges. The coaches are committed to address their most persistent and pertinent needs and concerns, empowering participants to unlock their growth through sustained knowledge application.