Mindset Reset: Thrive in Uncertainty

Shift your Mindset from Why Me to Try Me

Course Duration : 60 Min

Rs. 1099 to Rs. 349 (All Inclusive)*

*Includes Everyday Rituals Guidebook Bonus Content worth Rs. 750/-

100% money back guarantee if this course does not work for you. No questions asked!

Who is this course for

This course is for a universal audience :

Aspirational folks like entrepreneurs, managers, artists and leaders, Individuals seeking life stage changes such as students, job-seekers, career growth, as well as those seeking day-to-day life-skills such as home-makers to lead a fulfilling life.

Why is it important to Reset your Mindset:

We live in a world that is full of change, the past year has shown how unpredictable life can be. The uncertainty of change not only hampers our plans but also leaves us feeling directionless and disoriented.

A Mindset Reset will help you overcome limiting beliefs in the face of uncertainty, address your underlying anxiety and recharge you with a fresh new perspective.

Through simple and actionable life hacks you will learn to

  • Open up your mind to fresh perspectives and new opportunities
  • Reset your thinking & implement learning into action in your daily life

Course Contents

  • Recognizing the ever shifting normal
  • Our tango with newness; becoming conscious about our encounter with change
  • Our Blindspots in the face of change
  • Finding your MOJO in an ever changing normal; what's the right centre in dealing with change

Product Takeaways

  • 11 Micro Learning Videos on coping and alignment
  • Everyday Life Hacks for Mindset Reset - Exclusive Downloadable PDF
  • Course Summary Worksheet PDF

Bonus : Continued benefits from our Everyday Rituals downloadable guidebook

About The Instructor

Shubhi is a certified coach and life skills trainer with over 10 years of experience. She strongly believes that when provided with an environment where you feel safe and motivated, learners tend to take responsibility for their own learning and are better equipped to pursue their long term development.

What People Are Saying

"It helped me in understanding the path to follow for achieving dreams. It helped me set my goals for success. I have learned a new way of learning & understanding."

Abhinav Jindal

"..at the end of the session you will not want it to end. Not all endings are bad and I am sure this will be a new beginning to go out there and manifest your dreams."

Rushabh Sanghavi

"It was an amazing experience. Shubhi Ma'am did a phenomenal job in showing us a light in this pandemic tunnel. Looking forward to more such courses from ConsciousLeap."

Saranya S.

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