This dynamic 3-phased program has been designed uniquely for young students at the cusp of breaking into adulthood. The program redefines the meaning of success through a holistic learning experience that empowers students to make the right career choices and champion their life-long journey of success.

Here’s how:


Priming to Succeed

Through this webinar, students are empowered with insights to build their dreams, and understand key parameters that enable those dreams to become a reality. Additionally, insights on how the rules are different for the current generation are also shed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Defines the new rules of success
  • Educates and inspires students to re-evaluate their beliefs and consider building a personal path to success

Delivery: 2 hours over a video-streaming platform.


Structuring and Charting a Personalized Path to Success

This fundamental, self-empowering phase brings about clarity of goals, and motivates students to sustain their path in overcoming hurdles. Divided into 2 subsets, the students learn how to incorporate well-being into their purposeful pursuits.

Phase 2A: The Make YOU Happen eWorkshop

Through this workshop, students will learn how to structure and walk a mindful path of achieving their life’s goals by unlocking their full potential. The sessions help them address deeper issues of discovering one’s dream, empowerment, sustained motivation, avoiding distractions, honing skills, and developing potential.

Delivery: The e-workshop is spread over 4 introspective sessions (2 hours each), covering eight modules.

Phase 2B: MYH Consolidation Booster Posts

Post the e-workshop, a series of interactive, engaging, relatable, and reflective multimedia posts will be shared with the students. These booster posts are meant to cement the learning outcomes of the MYH e-workshop, to bolster and sustain the retention of the principles of the success journey that they have learnt.

Delivery: 1 booster post every day for 10 days


Outcome-Based Personalized Coaching to Boost Performance

We offer coaching solutions to help students achieve specific outcomes such as: exam preparedness, self-empowerment to tackle self-esteem/self-love issues, and how to achieve one’s cherished dreams. We take pride in our pool of industry-leading coaches who are certified and MYH-trained to personalize the coaching experience to suit each student’s need to help them meet their goals.

Delivery: Hour-long sessions are conducted in group settings of 5-6 students over a video streaming platform.

Program Benefits

Helps students become motivated and committed to their success

Self-empowers students to have an enhanced sense of ownership of their actions and goals

Build success as a competency to get them onto a virtuous cycle of success


"Thank you so much for kick-starting this journey towards finding a passion for our students! The students shared that they found the workshop insightful and engaging!!"

- Kiran Sethi, Founder of Riverside School & Design for Change

"Positive and enriching. I thank Consciousleap for bringing much-needed perspective, in the life of our students"

- Vishal Talwar, Dean - BML School of Management & Former Ast. Dean - SP Jain

"The positive behavioral shift of students is pretty evident in their eagerness to know in detail various fields of career. The knowledge is helping them in working to achieve their dreams. The students are filled with new hope and confidence."

- Reeta Khanna, Principal - Springdale College, Lucknow

Founder's Note: About The Success Skills Launchpad Program

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