A Captivating story of jasmine and her journey of pursuing her dreams and manifesting them. And while she does so, in parallel, you can take up your journey to make your dreams a reality, enhanced by our one-of-a-kind microlearning experiences.

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The Self-Help Fiction

A captivating narrative that ties two seemingly distinct tales in an intertwined journey on a quest to explore manifestation. At the centre of the book is Jasmine's dream of making it as a successful model in the cut-throat world of fashion. This tale of victories and failures is enveloped within the master narrative of Sanjay, an erudite knowledge-seeker meeting his spiritual guru - Ma.


Learn The Secrets To Success Through Our Embedded Microlearning Experience

To further help you apply the learnings from this book in your life, the book is enriched with exclusive learning content which includes:

  • How to Manage Social Media Distractions for Success
  • Learn to Decode Failure with Jasmine
  • Jasmine’s cues - How to Manifest your Dreams
  • Withstanding hurdles through Consciousness

These micro-learning courses can help you imbibe the life-skills lessons from Jasmine’s experiences and take you through a journey of experiential learning that’s unique to you.

Who Should Read The Book

Anyone who is looking to set goals and overcome obstacles

Anyone who is seeking contemplation & reflection of their goals & dreams
Anyone on their path to pursue their dreams
Anyone who has encountered failure and looking to introspect

About The Author

SANJAY DESAI Author, FOUNDER / CEO, ConsciousLeap

A corporate professional turned entrepreneur Sanjay is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, and a Chartered Accountant. Passionate about stimulating evolutionary change, Sanjay is now guiding others on how pursuit of dreams and success can be boosted by cultivating self awareness, through ConsciousLeap.

What People Are Saying

"Every reader will gain a different view of all the important aspects of this book. Yes, the story of the model is well structured and supported by Sanjay's experiences of teachings with Ma, but the conversation between Ma and Sanjay more than fulfill the intent of this joyful book. Highly recommended"

- Grady Harp

"Feels like watching a gripping movie. The Prologue and the Epilogue add value by providing a powerful context arising from the author's own personal experience. There is a clear framework for manifesting one's own dreams/objectives in life. The author presents it without pontificating or proselytizing about it."

- Ram Lakshmanan

"I found the entire book captivating, inspirational and heart-warming and I highly recommend it to any reader looking for such a well-crafted story with true meaning woven throughout."

- Meg

We have Paperback and Kindle Edition formats available for purchase.
In India, the book can be purchased on amazon.in & flipkart.com.
Author of this book is Mr. Sanjay Desai. Sanjay, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, is the founder and CEO of ConsciousLeap, a life skills training company that helps people to guide through their pursuit of dreams and success by cultivating self-awareness through interactive programs and workshops.
This book is suitable for all age groups. It’s an inspiring book for manifesting your dreams. Anyone on a path to achieve their dreams should definitely read this book to spur self-reflection and contemplation about their journey. It is also meant for people who are looking to set their goals and overcome obstacles or failures.
Yes! This is an interactive book that offers some specially customized insightful micro-learning e-courses for you.
This is a unique interactive book that allows you to reflect on your own success journey through exciting interactive e-courses, while you immerse yourself with Jasmine’s life. When you read the story, look out for QR Codes to experience a parallel journey to your success and unlock your true potential by learning more about yourself.
It’s a fictional book and all characters are purely coincidental. However, the prologue and epilogue are based on real people.
This book is an easy read consisting of only 160 pages.
Yes, this book is available for readers in the US. You can buy this book on amazon.com in Paperback as well as Kindle formats.
Not right now, we are in the process of making one.